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We help investor to decide for best technology and equipment, design and build all sorts of water and wastewater plants and that is for:

  • Potable water treatment,
  • Disinfection with chlorine and UV,
  • Swimming pool water treatment,
  • Water purification for industrial needs,
  • Wastewater treatment and recycling for industrial needs,
  • Municipal wastewater treatment,
  • Bio gas plants,
  • Highly biologically loaded wastewater treatment,
  • Farm waste slurry treatment.

Treatment plants for the treatment and recirculation of all types of industrial wastewater.

We build all types of plants, large and small, demanding and undemanding (more than 200 plants), as we have experience from wastewater from the decommissioning of a nuclear power plant to slurry from pig farming.

Our most important facilities are:

  • Water purification and recirculation plant Lama Dekani, opened in 1991 by then President of Slovenia Milan Kučan
  • Waste water treatment plant at Henkel Slovenija build in 2019

    President of Slovenia Borut Pahor and Phd. Edvard Šefer

We also supply and service specific equipment used for water purification

Official service technician for 20 years

On site Natrijum hipoklorite generators from salt thus avoiding dangerous chlorine and so common damage on chlorine stations.

Dozing pumps Jesco

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Classic chemical pumps and those with magnetic coupling

Complete product range on http://www.lutz-jesco.com/

Disinfection with UV light

Official service technician for 20 years

Victor self-priming pumps suitable for pumping acidic, alkaline and abrasive media.

Mixers for all purposes

Units for shells remowal from pipelines

Units for algae growth in ponds preventer

And much more.